Are you tired of living life in pain?
Always chasing that moment of relief, that never lasts long enough?

Much like a cut on your hand, you’re capable of healing yourself without much thought. Your body naturally knows what to do. But, for whatever reason, your body has accepted your pain as “normal”. If only you could hit a reset button and go back to how you felt as a child, when you were pain free and comfortable in your own skin.

Consider this program your reset button.

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Learn the science

The saying goes “out of sight, out of mind.” Unfortunately, that may be true for your pain. Because you cannot see your pain, you don’t understand it. This program will give you easy-to-understand knowledge around how your body works, and the science behind that pain you are feeling. 

Make the changes

Once you understand how your body is connected to itself and the world around you, you will start to think, move and feel differently. You will begin to recognize your lifestyle choices and your deep-seated thought patterns that are contributing to your pain and you will have the ability to change your way of thinking.

A healthier you

This program will lead you through a transformation of your mind, body and biofield, ultimately surfacing the healthier version of you that is already there, waiting to be activated. You know deep down, that the body you are “trapped in” is not the real you, and that a healthier version of you is “in there” somewhere. 

A hello from the creator


Hello!! and Welcome to my Reset3 Program. My 5 years of Chiropractic and Acupuncture practice has been extremely rewarding as I help alleviate people’s pain and re-align them to get back to living their best life!

Unfortunately, there has been an equally frustrating aspect to my career. One that was never addressed in school yet it’s a daily part of my work day. And that is, the patient who never seems to get better. The patient who should be physically healed, yet there is something that is causing a chronic pain that is keeping them from living their best life. There is no mechanical mechanism that I can re-align for them and no matter what I do, their pain keeps coming back.

Well, that was simply not good enough! So I have spent the last 5 years understanding chronic pain and how one can overcome it! And it works! If you embrace this program, and take the next year to learn and practice the content, I know you will reset yourself better than I ever could alone! Together, we can get you past this pain!

If you have tried everything and you are still feeling pain,
this program is for you!

If a visit to the chiropractor has you feeling great for only a day,
this program is for you!

If you’re willing to try anything,
this program is for you!

If you have tried everything and you are still feeling pain,

this program is for you!

If a visit to the chiropractor has you feeling great for only a day,
this program is for you!

If you’re willing to try anything,
this program is for you!

Dr. Alyssa Runyon

Acupuncture Provider
Developer of The Vagus Nerve Treatment
Creator of Reset3 Program

Everything is connected



You know your mind is extremely powerful. But your subconscious mind (the one you’re not that familiar with) is the part of the brain that’s calling all the shots! Without you knowing it, your mind has been programmed to accept your pain. This program will connect you to your subconscious mind.


Your body is hard at work doing what it needs to do without any conscious thoughts. For example; When was the last time you consciously told your heart to beat? You are, however, constantly speaking to your body on a subconscious level. This program will connect you to your body.



We have all felt the energy shift when we walk into a room. Whether it’s children laughing, people crying, or even a cluttered mess. We are designed to feel the energy and it sends signals to our mind and body. However, we are really good at ignoring this energy too! This program will connect you to your biofield.

"The doctor of the future is really who today we consider the patient."

– Dr. Sachin Patel

The missing link between mind, body and biofield


Your nervous system is a complex system that you have probably never had to learn much about. Like everything else inside our bodies, it’s working away for you without any instructions or awareness from your conscious mind. However, if you understand how the nervous system works, it will open the door to your ability to control your health!

Many of you have heard the term “fight, flight or freeze” and we have seen it in action when someone scares you. Do you put your fists up, ready to punch? Do you scream and run away? Or, do you cover your eyes and drop to the ground? Without any time to think it through, your body is already programmed on how it’s going to deal with that stressful situation.

The vagus nerve is the information highway between the body and the mind, and it is working double time for many people in today’s stressful times. It’s a miraculous element to our bodies, that does amazing work… but when it becomes sluggish, we feel the effects of it throughout our body.

I have created a treatment for the vagus nerve that will return it to it’s optimal working capacity so that your body will benefit from a properly functioning vagus nerve again.

Can We Help You?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Reset3 program was designed for anyone who has been searching for solutions to their chronic pain and stress. You know that eating healthy, exercising regularly and meditating are important to your health but you are having trouble connecting these factors to your actual every-day problems.

With the blend of western medicine and eastern medicine, this evidence-based program takes both a structural and energetic approach to healing you. All you need is 30 minutes per day to complete the work. If you’re ready to dedicate 12 weeks to yourself, this program is right for you.

The Reset3 program is broken up into three distinct modules: The Mind, The Body and The Biofield. Within each module, you take a deep dive into these components through bite-sized lessons, meditations and reflective writing prompts. The lessons touch on how these systems operate both by themselves and as part of an intricate web. The lessons are also audio recorded so if you aren’t much of a reader, you can listen to the information as well.

In a nutshell, this program will teach you why your pre-programmed beliefs, attitudes and experiences are shaping your body and your life. It will teach you how to release them, resetting your mind, body and biofield with a clean slate so that you can then add in new beliefs, attitudes and experiences that will enhance your body and your life. Once you master the understanding of chronic, programmed pain versus new experienced pain, you will become more empowered with your health.

Most people report better sleep, less anxious thoughts, more understanding about their body and a broadened perspective on their relationship with their external environment. Some have reported that the obstacles in their lives no longer seem so daunting and they feel more empowered when they encounter them. Others have reported improved relationships with family and friends.

The time it takes to complete the program will be different for everyone. You don’t need any sort of baseline knowledge of science, anatomy or physiology to take the course, therefore this information might all be brand new to you. Someone else might have previous knowledge of the material and might get through it quicker. You will have access to the content for 12 weeks so you can take up to that amount of time to complete the program. Additionally, you will be receiving weekly motivational emails and one-on-one coaching, as well as group coaching to make sure you stay on track!

The program is a 12-week commitment which you can invest in with one payments of $2,497+HST (Canadian dollars) or 12 weekly investments of $250+HST (Canadian dollars). 

What you will learn in the Reset3 program is that you need your vagus nerves to be fully functioning in order to achieve the state of awareness that is required to make the changes you wish to see in your mind, body and biofield. There are many checkin’s and prompts throughout the program where you will be able to determine whether or not your vagus nerves are functioning optimally. If they are not, you are encouraged to book a vagus nerve treatment that is designed to ramp up the function in these nerves. This treatment is designed to enhance your experience in this Reset3 program.

Vagus nerve treatments are done exclusively by Dr. Runyon at her office location in Barrie, Ontario.

At the moment, Dr. Runyon is the only person in the world performing this unique treatment.

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