Vagus Nerve Treatment

The Vagus Nerve Treatment

Developed by Dr. Runyon as a way of activating a sluggish vagus nerve

If you are living in a constant state of stress, you will be operating your day-to-day life from a heightened state of fight, flight or freeze. The goal is to bring you out of fight, flight or freeze and into a state of parasympathetic dominance; the way nature intended us to operate.
First, you will get a full assessment including a detailed cranial nerve examination so that we can know if your vagus nerve is sluggish and if so, if it is specifically the right or left vagus. Next, you will be hooked up to a heart rate variability monitor. This is an objective way to measure the state of your vagus nerve both before and during your treatment. The treatment itself is a blend of manual therapy, breathwork, acupuncture, qigong and meditation. If you are not comfortable with needles, laser therapy or acupressure can also be used in lieu of the acupuncture needles. After treating the vagus nerves from top to bottom with manual therapy, a probiotic prescription will be given to ensure treatment is also happening from bottom to top in between manual therapy visits.
You will not find this treatment anywhere else as it is a compilation of both scientific research not yet seen in clinical practice and Dr. Runyon’s uniquely blended experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western manual therapy.

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