Your stress takes time to dissipate. Find out just how long it takes!


Did you know that in order to get your imaginative brain in a problem-solving state, you must first get out of fight/flight mode.

Did you also know that it takes a minimum of 20 minutes for stress hormones like cortisol to stop circulating in your blood after you’ve experienced something stressful?

In order to problem-solve your way out a situation, you must first stop the stressful feeling. Then you need to give yourself at least 20 minutes of calm, quiet time…THEN you can begin to use the problem-solving brain-wave state.

Here are some tips I have for getting out of the stressful state and giving yourself the 20 minutes: try some stretching, listening to music, dance, watch a short episode of your favourite comedy show, etc.
Once you are in a neutral state, you can see all the people or things involved and see them for who/what they truly are.

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